April 11, 2024

Ivy Medical joins AdoptIdee

At Ivy Medical, we are dedicated to promoting innovation at every age. Inspired by Professor Dr. Paul Iske’s research on creativity and innovation, we are excited to participate in this year’s AdoptIdee program, bringing the boundless creativity of elementary school students into our innovative processes. 

Dr. Iske’s findings highlight that young children possess an exceptional capacity for creativity, marked by endless enthusiasm and curiosity. In contrast, adults often experience what Dr. Iske terms “Terminal Seriousness,” a state where creativity is stifled by rigid thinking. We see the immense value in harnessing the fresh, unbounded perspectives of youth to challenge and expand our world.

This past week, we welcomed the young consultants from grades 6 through 8 of OBS De Petteflet to our office. They learned about the Ivy Duo+, explored our facilities, and took on the task of reimagining infusion therapy for children to make it more enjoyable and less intimidating. They left with a 3D-printed mini model of our Ivy Duo+ and a mission to innovate.

We look forward to the original ideas these bright young minds will bring forward. A special thanks to teacher Sanne and all the wonderful students from OBS De Petteflet for joining us in this exciting initiative. Stay tuned for what promises to be valuable insights into making medical treatments friendlier for our youngest patients.

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