Indispensable to our mission
To realize our mission, we work together with specialists and top organizations in Europe. These professional partners work with the same drive and precision as Ivy Medical and want to innovate for the benefit as patients and nurses.


Our clinical partner

Ivy Medical and Radboudumc signed a multi-year collaboration agreement for the development of the Ivy Duo +. The development of the next-generation infusion pump is performed in collaboration with patients, nurses, and other healthcare professionals within Radboudumc.

The orthopedics department will be the first to test the revolutionary pump (in the form of a pilot). Barend, Business Innovator at Radboudumc: ‘The expectation is that patients will move earlier and more during their disease process, and thus recover more quickly.’

There are more expected benefits. “Currently we have two infusion pumps in the hospital, one for volume administration and one for precise administration. This portable infusion is two-in-one’, says Barend. This also means that you can hang two bags on it at the same time. This ensures that you can plan a treatment several hours in advance with two different infusion bags. More pleasant for the patient and this saves time and actions for nurses.”


Financial partners

Product development

Helga de Bie

Senior nurse

"With its pre-programmed schedules, I can leave the administration of intravenous medication to the Ivy with confidence. And because of its ingenious ability to dissolve air bubbles in the system itself, alarms such as with current pumps are a thing of the past. What also makes me very happy is that my patients have more freedom of movement due to the portability of the pump, which allows them to maintain and improve their condition."