November 6, 2023

Team Ivy takes on the Plantsoenloop Groningen!

This past weekend, Team Ivy Medical laced up and hit the ground running at the renowned 8 km Plantsoenloop Groningen! It’s not just about crossing the finish line; it’s about embodying the spirit of our #IvyVitalityOperation – our initiative dedicated to promoting physical and mental wellness in our workplace.


We believe a fit team is the cornerstone of innovation, especially when it comes to reinventing infusion therapy. Our commitment to health goes beyond the office walls; it’s about creating a vibrant, energetic community where we support each other in every stride, jog, and sprint. Each kilometer at the Plantsoenloop was a testament to our team’s dedication to staying active and healthy, together.

Massive shoutout to every team member who participated and cheered! Here’s to many more races and shared moments of triumph!

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