December 22, 2020

Ivy Medical and Radboudumc join forces for portable infusion device.

The Groningen-based start-up Ivy Medical developed a pump system with which an infusion treatment can be made fully portable. Because the mobility of patients is a point of attention, Radboudumc invited the company two years ago to further develop this concept in the practical environment of a hospital. Earlier this month, both parties signed an extensive collaboration agreement. “By connecting the expertise and experience of healthcare professionals at Radboudumc with the technical knowledge and skills of Ivy Medical, we arrive at solutions that patients and nurses need,” said Leanne van Almen, manager of the innovation lab at Radboudumc where Ivy Medical is housed.

In the Netherlands, more than two million infusions are administered annually. Patients undergoing such treatment are often assigned an infusion pump on a mobile pole. These infusion poles are heavy, cumbersome, and hinder the mobility that is so important for recovery. Ivy Medical has developed a completely new portable pump system, the Ivy One, which is highly accurate and robust, and provides optimal support for both patients and nurses.


In addition, the system is very user-friendly. “Nurses are often spending more than two hours per day on activities related to infusion therapy. The Ivy One makes infusion therapy more predictable and generates fewer alarms, which gives back forty minutes per day to the nurse and reduces the high workload,” explains Melcher Frankema, CEO of Ivy Medical. Ultimately, the portable infusion system also results in lower costs, and Ivy Medical expects a significant reduction in plastic waste.

Klinische evaluatie

The partnership between Radboudumc and Ivy Medical, which has already attracted funding from NWO, ZonMW, RVO and Carduso Capital, will work towards a plan for clinical evaluation in the coming months. If the evaluation goes well, the team expects to launch the product in 2022.

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