Our team

Melcher Frankema

Melcher Frankema


Background: Law

Currently: Master Private Law

Role: General, commercial, users

Qualities: Convincing, flexible, driven

Passion: Sailing

Gijs Schumer

Gijs Schumer


Background: Business administration

Role: General, commercial, financial, operations

Qualities: Decisive, intuitive, team player

Passion: Entrepreneurship

Peter Tuin

Peter Tuin


Background: Mechatronics and Biomedical Technology

Role: General, technology, product owner

Qualities: Sharp, ingenious, down-to-earth.

Passion: To invent

Niels Weijermars

Niels Weijermars

Product Developer

Background: Biomedical Technology

Role: Research, IP

Qualities: Creative, well-considered and loyal.

Passion: Saxophone

Pim Bos

Pim Bos

Product Developer

Background: Biomedical Technology

Role: Research, protyping

Qualities: Sharp, ingenious, motivated.

Passion: Acatenango hike

Maximilian Heintzen

Maximilian Heintzen

Medical Advisor

Background: Medicine

Role: Medical advice, ambassador

Qualities: Critical, analytical and pitching.

Passion: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu



Our wearable infusion pump responds to an international trend. Hospitals across Europe aim to increase mobilization of patients. Are you a medical professional who highly values the importance of mobility in the hospital? Please become an ambassador of Ivy Medical. Toghether we can make a move!

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